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Sami Zayn says that his shoulder is not completely healed

NXT star Sami Zayn recently spoke to the Kingston Whig-Standard about his recent shoulder injury that kept him out of action for several months in 2015. Here are the highlights.

On injuring his shoulder:

“You just get through it if you can. For me mentally, it wasn’t an option (to not finish). We were one minute in, with all, this time, to go on live television, millions of people watching, 15,000 people in the arena watching, my friends, my family, seeing me in the biggest moment of my life — it wasn’t an option to stop. But it could have been if the injury was bad enough or if I somehow just didn’t get through it, the doctors would have stopped it.”

His rehab process:

“There are certain things I’m not doing. I don’t think anybody will really notice it, it’s just little things for me, like if there’s certain moves that put me in a position that I feel vulnerable in, I just won’t do them at this stage. Again, I just came back, and I still don’t 100% feel like myself. As soon as I feel comfortable doing moves or being in those positions, I’ll be back at it. For now, in the short term, yeah, I’m definitely a little more cognitive of what I’m doing. You can’t help it when you get hurt. It’s actually an important lesson to learn honestly as a performer.”

On his current condition:

“I still wouldn’t call it 100%. I still feel some cracking and popping and whatever else. Mentally, I know it’s still the bad shoulder.”

You can read the entire interview here.


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