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Sami Zayn smashes fan in face with announce table at SmackDown Live

Sometimes you just can’t predict what will happen in WWE, especially if you pay all the money to get front row seats.

On SmackDown Live this week Kevin Owens ordered Sami Zayn to clean off the announce table with the intention of putting Shinsuke Nakamura through it. However, The Viper Randy Orton would sneak in through the crowd and put Zayn through said announce table.

But what some fans might have missed was when Zayn tossed the top of the announce table to the side he seemed to put a little too much gusto on his toss and the table accidentally nailed some poor fan right in the face.

As you can see it was a total accident, but Zayn might as well claim these actions as intentional. After all, it would fall in line with his new ZFG heel persona. You can check out the clip below thanks and wonder if front row seats are really worth the money next time you think about laying down the extra cash to get a seat at ringside. If anything, this fan hopefully got some free merch out of the deal.

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