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Samoa Joe explains why he joined WWE NXT



Samoa Joe recently spoke with AM New York‘s Scott A. Rosenberg to promote Wednesday’s NXT live event in New York City, NY at the Madison Square Garden Theater. During the event, Joe was asked why going to NXT was the right decision for him. Joe said that he knew NXT was gaining a lot of steam and exploding and making a tremendous impact on the industry in general. “To be there and help further that movement and further that expansion was very, very interesting to me,” Joe said. He added that he had the pleasure of being on the forefront of new brands expanding in pro wrestling and help to build promotions from scratch. Joe thinks NXT is in the same environment that he has come from. Joe thinks in NXT has a great environment and is fun. “There’s a revolutionary energy behind it, and it’s really invigorating for me as well as NXT,” Joe said.

When asked about learning from different international talent in NXT, Joe thinks it’s one of the things he has benefited from throughout the entirety of his career. “One of the defining characteristics of becoming a better performer is the ability to work with these guys,” Joe said. Joe added that being able to pull stuff from those talents like charisma and the things they do in the ring makes you a better wrestler. “We wanted young WWE superstars who are coming up the ranks to get that worldly experience to work with guys who are seasoned,” Joe said.

You can read the entire interview here.

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