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Samoa Joe on why the TNA locker room was awesome, what made NXT special, writing Kurt Angle’s TNA HOF speech

WWE NXT star Samoa Joe was interviewed on “The Kurt Angle Show” on to talk about his TNA and WWE career. Here are some highlights:

Samoa Joe was asked about the differences between working in TNA, NXT, and WWE:

“TNA, obviously the locker room was awesome. The backstage at times can be chaotic, but it was very, very easy going in a good way, especially in TNA.  A lot of people definitely wanted to work together to help each other and help get each other over. It had a very communal vibe. In NXT, I was fortunate to come into the same thing. NXT was more of a developmental brand when I first got in, and still is an evolving version of that now. The amount of organization was one of tenfold obviously. That was a big adjustment. When you get to WWE, it’s just a whole other animal. TV production is so much bigger, different cities, location issues, there’s always a new crisis every week just based on the nature of having to take this giant circus traveling every week and having to film it. You get used to working in an inherently chaotic environment just by the very nature of what it is. I will say this. The consistent thing is I can’t say that I’ve ever been in a locker room my entire career that hasn’t been stellar. I’ve been very fortunate from ROH to TNA to WWE. I’ve had nothing but really great experiences with the guys in the locker room, the girls in the locker room, the production people, and everybody in general.”

Joe was asked what made NXT special when he was there during his first run:

“You had a collection of great talent at one time, and new and emerging talent who were coming into their own and were special individuals also. Really, there’s nothing really complicated or magical about it. It was those elements. Anytime you have that many world class performers on a card, and you couple that with really big, new, superstars, it’s hard for magic not to be created.”

Kurt Angle said Samoa Joe wrote Angle’s TNA Hall of Fame induction speech:

“He (Joe) is the most articulate guy I know. He is so intelligent. He did my TNA Hall of Fame speech. The way he put that speech together, he made it sound so easy. It flowed really well. He had all these incredible words that he used. He is so articulate. It didn’t surprise me that he became an incredible commentator because Joe has the gift of gab.”

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