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Samoa Joe reacts to criticism over his verbal attacks on Jeff Hardy



WWE officials have recently started a program between Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy that has been showcased on their blue branded show, SmackDown Live, over the course of the last few weeks.

This past Tuesday night on SmackDown Live that went down in Austin, TX at the Frank Erwin Center on the USA Network, Hardy was battling fellow former WWE Champion Randy Orton in a singles match. Just as Hardy was closing in on victory, Joe appeared on the titantron while at a bar pouring himself a beer and talking about responsible drinking. As a result of the distraction, Orton was able to connect with his finisher, RKO, to Hardy in order to get the cheap win.

This is just after Joe interrupted Hardy’s celebration of being with the WWE for 20 years where he took shots at Hardy over his past substance abuse. Although some fans are praising the WWE for the direction of where this feud is going and the material that is being covered, there have been some who are upset with such material.

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Joe took to his official Twitter account on Wednesday morning in order to defend his verbal assault on Hardy by writing the following:

“It’s amazing how all you virtue laden people will bludgeon your high horse in a instant to justify the actions of your so called hero’s . Yet your upset with me because I just want to bludgeon your hero directly. #SmackDownLIVE.”

R-Truth and Carmella defeated Hardy and Charlotte Flair in the semi-finals of the Mixed match Challenge series this week. Thus, it’s possible that Hardy and Joe will battle it out at the upcoming TLC pay-per-view event.