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Samoa Joe returns to WWE NXT and declines offer to be General Manager



William Regal kicked off this week's episode of WWE NXT to make an announcement.

Regal said that he's been with NXT since the beginning in some form or another and he got to call the very first TakeOver special. Regal got very emotional with a tear on his face as he talked about all the progress that has been made with the brand over the years.

Regal thanked the fans that helped take NXT to cities like Houston, Brooklyn, Portland, and elsewhere but he has decided that he's given the fans everything he can give and he is not capable of giving the fans what they deserve. It sounded like he was about to step down but then Karrion Kross and Scarlett walked out to the ring.

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Kross said that he and Scarlett had to see this for themselves and then he mocked Regal for crying and then he called him pathetic. Kross told Regal that he wanted him to say that "Kross was right" and that he needs to announce he is leaving and he needs to walk away.

At this point, Samoa Joe's music played and he walked out to the ring. Regal then announced that Joe is the new NXT General Manager. Samoa Joe declined and then praised Regal's accomplishments with NXT and then said that because Regal casts a long shadow, but he sarcastically said that he make sure that Kross gets the respect he deserves.

Regal then announced that Joe can run the show but he cannot put his hands on anyone unless he's provoked.