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Samoa Joe: “There has never been a company that has wanted me”

WWE Superstar Samoa Joe was recently a guest on The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast. Joe talked about his initial deal with WWE and the sacrifices professional wrestlers put their bodies through. Here are the highlights:

His initial deal with WWE: “I had the greatest deal in the history of professional wrestling,” said Joe. “I could work for WWE, anybody else that I wanted to and collect income from every one of those companies, including merchandise.

“It was a really good deal. Obviously, my prospects in WWE they felt they were extremely limited even initially when I got in. That was fine with me. Here’s the thing, it isn’t something that is new to me. There has never been a company that has wanted me, which sounds insane.”

The sacrifices professional wrestlers put their bodies through: “We sacrifice ourselves every day when we go out there and I do it proudly,” Joe said. “At the end of the day I know what I signed up for and I do not shy away from that fact at all. There is a good chance that at 60 I will be in a wheelchair, but hey, I signed up for that, I know that.

“That being said, I have an extreme amount of respect for people that do value their worth and do maintain the integrity of the business. When guys go out there and sell themselves short and they are out here booking themselves out when they are really talented and devaluing the market, I am really opposed to that. I always tell guys to get paid what you are worth and know what you are worth so that if you are worth it you will get that number. I support guys that do that.”


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