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Santino Marella to issue a statement today



Santino Marella will be issuing a statement today on Jim Cornette. For those of you that missed it, Cornette confronted Jim Cornette at a convention on Saturday (click here to see the video) and security had to escort them out of the building. The issues between Cornette and Marella date back to 2005 in Ohio Valley Wrestling, which was WWE's developmental system at the time. As the story goes, Cornette slapped Marella for no-selling The Boogeyman, who was supposed to be a serious and scary character at the time. Marella was seen laughing in the background and it was apparently caught on camera and that is what set Cornette off.

So, Cornette believes that Marella went to WWE management and cost him his job. WWE had no choice but to fire Cornette but, apparently, Cornette feels that management would not have been made aware of what happened until Marella called the office. Cornette was not too unhappy about leaving the company because he was miserable working there. Also, Cornette feels that Marella got a push in WWE because there were people that wanted to see him gone.

When Cornette left, Paul Heyman took over for Cornette and then gave him a big push on OVW TV as an unstoppable fighter. That led to Marella being called up to the main roster and getting a push as a comedy character. Cornette gave his version of what went down with Marella on Saturday during Bruce Prichard's live show in Detroit. Click here if you want to see the video.

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