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Photo Credit: WWE/Bianca Carelli

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Santino Marella’s daughter Bianca Carelli describes what happened during her WWE tryout in 2019

Bianca Carelli, the daughter of former WWE star Santino Marella, was on the Chris Van Vliet Podcast to talk about her wrestling career:

Bianca on her WWE tryout in 2019:

“I’m not sure how everyone got selected. Obviously, I believe my dad put forth some of the students at Battle Arts at the time. That was exciting. I knew for months, and I was training like a cuckoo bird. At that time, I hadn’t had a lot of actual wrestling experience. I think I went into that tryout with 13 matches, but my psychology in the ring, and my level of athleticism I felt was very competitive.

So of course, you’re planning your outfits, you’re nervous, and you’re excited. Then you get there, and it was totally cool. It was just breathtaking. As soon as you walked into the venue, it was just overwhelming. The brand recognition, the colors used, there was a lot of black and silver, and darkness, and red. It was a very intimidating marketing bombardment. I don’t know if that’s a good way to describe it, but I’m not sure. It was really cool. It made you feel like I really want to be a part of this. I still do feel like that. It was only two days. I know the tryouts are usually five days.

My biggest thing was I wished I had more time to show how much heart I have, and how much I will push. I wanted to show my inner savage. I wanted to show that I may only have 13 matches, but I will fight, and I will work. I wanted to show my heart. I’m not sure if I did or not. Obviously, it wasn’t quite enough to get me there, but that did not discourage me…They said to keep working and get more experience.”

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