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Sasha Banks’ backstage attitude reportedly stalling her progress in WWE

Sasha Banks is one of the most popular WWE Superstars on the Raw roster but there have been rumblings about her reputation outside of the ring.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson recently talked about some of the stories about her attitude. Johnson brought it up to her during WrestleMania week and she blew it off. Banks has been critical of fans that approach wrestlers in private non-work settings like the gym or at a restaurant. Actually, that is a fair point and hopefully, fans can understand that there are times when it is not proper to approach a celebrity.

There have been stories about her reputation backstage at WWE and that is one of the reasons why they’ve cooled off on her push. At one point, the feeling on her was that she was too injury prone. It’s something that Vince McMahon has said in the past.

Luckily for Banks, there are some people in management that go to bat for her. If the backstage issues are a problem, hopefully, she can work on that so she can get back in the main event picture for the Raw Women’s Championship.

For now, she’s in a feud with Bayley, another WWE Superstar that has cooled off in recent months. It’s still a mid-card feud but there is so much more then can do with both of those women.


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