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Sasha Banks believed to be out with a concussion



As we first reported over the weekend, Sasha Banks was pulled from the weekend house shows and Paige replaced her at an appearance in Baltimore on Monday. Although she hasn't been featured on TV (due to creative reasons so they could hold her off until it was time for her storyline with Charlotte), she had been working the house show schedule.

She was accidentally kneed in the head by referee Darrick Moore in Charlottesville, VA last weekend. There's no way of knowing what her status is right now. Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks is the plan for SummerSlam in Brooklyn so there is plenty of time for her to recover in time but you never know with a concussion. She could be out for a few days, several weeks or months.

I should note that WWE has not confirmed anything but the word going around backstage is that she is out with a concussion and the injury was described as a fluke.

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