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Sasha Banks has fighting words for Alexa Bliss, Little Miss Bliss responds

The end of last night’s Monday Night Raw saw the first-ever women’s gauntlet match. It was an epic match lasting over thirty minutes and saw Nia Jax dominate throughout. Jax proved how she isn’t like most girls as she seemed to easily take care of every female superstar who stood in her way. Nia even took out Bayley in the opening segment of the match leaving some to wonder where her “female John Cena” push went.

Needless to say, Nia Jax had no trouble taking out Dana Brooke, Emma, or Mickie James but she had some issues with Sasha Banks. Banks and Jax have tangled in the past and that might have been to Sasha’s benefit because The Boss was able to make Nia Jax straight up tap out with a modified Bank Statement to earn a shot at Alexa Bliss’ Raw Women’s Championship at Great Balls Of Fire.

It was a puzzling way to make Nia Jax look really strong but still have her tap out. Nia didn’t get pinned, instead Jax submitted to Sasha which in a manner of speaking probably made her look even weaker. Jax also kept trying to just get a countout victory over Banks which isn’t the strongest thing someone can do either.

But no matter how she pulled it off, Sasha Banks won the gauntlet match and is ready to take on Alexa Bliss in Texas. The Boss sent out a warning to Little Miss Bliss saying she’s not scared of a little girl who plays wrestler. Apparently Sasha sees herself as a real wrestler and Alexa Bliss is just acting.

Bliss replied by saying Sasha Banks is willing to say anything to get attention because that’s what bosses do. It doesn’t sound like either of these women are taking each other seriously but all that will probably change when they step in the ring at Great Balls Of Fire.

This match should be a good one to be honest and everyone needs to pay attention to it. If anything it will be cool to watch Sasha Banks wrestle someone who is shorter than her for once.

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