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Sasha Banks hints at being unhappy with the current WWE product

Sasha Banks has wisely stayed silent about her issues with WWE. Aside from some cryptic tweets, she has not said anything publicly about the issues that led her to walk out of the company.

Her latest tweet (see below) got some people talking but the next thing she did on Twitter (scroll down) is what got the most attention on Sunday.

Banks liked the following tweet from a fan on Sunday morning:

“With every passing Raw and Smackdown I grow less and less interested in the product. I’m starting to realize that I’m supporting a sh*tty company for its past greatness rather than critiquing it’s current bullsh*t. I can’t even sit through Raw or Smackdown anymore.”

This is perhaps the most public admission that she knows the WWE product is not good and she’s not happy about it.

There is still no word on an exact date when she will return to the ring but Dave Meltzer noted that Banks and Vince McMahon had a meeting at the end of May and things are better and she could return sometime in the next few weeks.

Banks is not the only WWE star with similar feelings about the company. Some WWE stars are waiting on their contracts to expire to test free agency.


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