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Sasha Banks is thinking what you’re thinking regarding the Great Balls Of Fire logo

Based on some of the emails and comments on our Facebook page, there seems to be a general consensus on what the Great Balls Of Fire logo looks like. Prior to Sunday, there were 2 different logos circulating online. Apparently, WWE not happy with the previous designs because a new one was shown on Sunday during Extreme Rules when they debuted the Great Balls Of Fire commercial and that is the one that has people talking.

If you look at the logo then it might remind you of something and Sasha Banks seems to agree. Check out her reply to a fan that asked her about the logo:

She also retweeted this:

The Great Balls Of Fire is either some odd inside joke from Vince McMahon or he legitimately believes that the name (and the Jerry Lee Lewis theme song) are a good fit for a WWE pay-per-view. Thus far, most of the reaction that I’ve seen towards the name is comical. Hopefully, they will retire the name after this year and perhaps, they’ll bring back a cooler sounding name for next year’s July Show. Perhaps, something like The Great American Bash?

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Earlier this week, Jerry “The King” Lawler talked about the trademark issues with the Great Balls Of Fire name. Jerry Lee Lewis owns the name and thankfully (for WWE, at least), Lewis and Lawler share the same lawyer so they were able to work out an agreement. Click here to listen to Lawler’s story on the Great Balls Of Fire name.

So, which Great Balls Of Fire logo is your favorite?


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