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Sasha Banks on better terms with WWE?

Sasha Banks

There is still no movement on Sasha Banks' return to TV but PWInsider is reporting that she was seen in the New York City this past Wednesday for WWE so that could be a sign that they are on better terms.

A source told Mike Johnson that they believed that Banks was in the area because she was working on material for WWE 2K20. Banks was originally supposed to do some work on the game during the week after WrestleMania 35 but that may have been delayed until this week.

I'm told that the company would welcome her back to return to TV whenever she wants. She was originally supposed to be in the women's Money In The Bank match last weekend.

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Some in the company have noted that having Bayley win was a message sent to show how you can be rewarded for sticking through rough times instead of sitting out. As previously noted, both Bayley and Banks were not thrilled with losing the Women's Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania because they were under the impression that they would defend the titles across all WWE brands. Their thought was that they could make the titles feel credible with a long reign but WWE had other plans.

For those of you that have asked, Banks still has plenty of time left on her WWE contract so don't expect to see her wrestle elsewhere anytime in the near future. In fact, the company can add the time she's been sitting out to her current contract.