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Sasha Banks opens up about her husband’s job in WWE

Sasha Banks and her husband Sarath Ton are one of the slightly lesser known couples in pro wrestling. But these two appear to make a great team.

Banks recently opened up to WWE’s YouTube channel about some of the events which not only brought the two together but what ushered her husband into his current position in WWE. Sarath Ton is a costume designer for WWE and has created some very famous ring gear.

Not only has The Boss’ husband created her own ring gear but he’s also had a hand in dressing Triple H, The Bella Twins, and many more.

“It’s very nice, I’m really fortunate. It’s really crazy because we met in wrestling so we both started in the independents together and we worked for the same company down there. Then when I got signed to WWE he quit his job and moved to Tampa with me and we went to FCW. And I remember one year Triple H came to me and was like, ‘I hear your husband makes costumes’ and I was like ‘yeah, he does.'”

It didn’t take long for Triple H to offer her husband a tryout to work for WrestleMania because they needed extra hands. It was only a matter of time before he had a full-time job.

“[Triple H] gave him a tryout and from there he made Triple H’s gear, the Bella Twins, so many people’s gear. And now he gets to travel the world with me and it’s really, really cool that we’re both doing what we love to do.”

“He’s my best friend and I can talk to him about anything. It’s so nice to have someone there when you get frustrated or you’re upset you have your companion there to talk to.”

It’s really great Sasha and her husband have found a way to make it work. Whenever she needs a shoulder to lean on he’s always there which is a luxury most WWE Superstars aren’t afforded.

Sasha understands how special her situation is and she’s obviously very thankful her and Sarath Ton are both able to live out their dreams in the same environment.

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