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Sasha Banks reveals the most painful match she's ever been in



Kurt Angle welcomed WWE star Sasha Banks as his guest on "The Kurt Angle Show" on

Banks was asked to share her thoughts about the famous match she had with Bayley at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn. “I can remember my whole day, from waking up to going to sleep," Banks said. "I remember absolutely everything, and I can’t remember anything else. I wanted to leave a legacy. I wanted to leave a stamp that I’m the greatest. I was leaving NXT. I was giving Bayley the NXT Women’s Championship, and I was going to the main roster, finally. It was kind of like a sendoff. That was our first time having an NXT TakeOver outside of Full Sail which only holds maybe 800 people. We sold out the Barclays Center. To us, we were competing with RAW, SmackDown, and SummerSlam. We wanted to be the top of the weekend. We wanted to have the match of the night, and I wanted to have the greatest women’s match of all time, and I feel like that match really is.”

Banks talked about the brutality of being in a Hell in a Cell match. “It’s rough," Banks said. "It’s the most painful match I’ve ever been in besides maybe Money in the Bank. Getting hit with a kendo stick, I still have a line and a bruise on my leg to this day and an indent. That match has always changed my career because it makes me think differently on how I structure a match. How do I test myself? How do I just entertain while getting hit with a chair? Going through a table, again with the kendo sticks, and then the steel cage itself. It’s no joke. You can cut yourself on those things. Becky Lynch put a steel chair in the steel cage, lifted me up and drop kicked me? It’s crazy. You feel it for a month after, and in my case, a year. I still have this bruise and it pisses me off.”

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Banks also talked about main eventing WrestleMania, her fandom for All Japan Pro Wrestling, Sara Del Ray, The Four Horsewomen, Snoop Dogg and more. The interview is up at

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