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Scott Dawson comments on criticism from fans over reported request to be released by WWE



The Revival continues to make it clear to WWE management that they want out of the company. 

It’s no secret that their contracts with WWE are slated to expire in the near future. They previously asked to be let go last January. Then, the tag team reportedly asked for their releases again last week. 

The company had briefly shifted its focus on the tag team but their push went away a few months ago. Dawson’s deal is reportedly set to expire in April while time as been added to Wilder’s deal.

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Dawson saw the comments made by fans over the alleged move and decided to take to Twitter to give his take about their criticism. He wrote the following: 

"If we settle, you guys say we're lazy & complacent. If we try to be better, you guys say we're whining & complaining. Make up your mind."