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Scott Dawson explains what The Revival wants from WWE



There is still no deal between The Revival and WWE and as more time passes, it seems more likely that they will be leaving the company in April.

A fan on Twitter made a comment about the tag team division not being good and that person tagged Dawson along with several wrestlers.

Dawson responded, "I’m not asking to be champions. I just want creative control, brotha."

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As previously noted, Dave Meltzer reported that Dawson and Dash Wilder recently asked for their release again after turning down a significant amount of money to stay.

The issue with them is less about the money than being treated with respect. It seems unlikely that the tag team division will be pushed as something serious on WWE TV because Vince McMahon made the decision many years ago that tag team wrestling is not something that should be treated as a big deal.

Again, the AEW rumors are out there and they have already registered some trademarks that they can use outside of WWE. Unless something drastic happens, the betting line is for Wilder and Dawson to pop up on AEW TV in a couple of months.

Check out Dawson's tweet below:

Some of Dawson's Twitter "likes" are interesting to say the least. Here is one of them: