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Scott Hall could be having a bad time once again



Addiction is a problem affecting millions of Americans and at this point, it is somewhat of an epidemic in the modern-day United States. WWE Superstars and Legends are not immune to the awful aspects of this life-changing problem either and it appears as though Scott Hall could be dealing with this unfortunate problem once again.

On a recent episode of Prime Time Wrestling with Sean Mooney, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake (#BTFBB) was on the show to plug his upcoming autobiography that will be over 400 pages in length and it will probably be pretty epic.

During the conversation, Mooney and Beefcake talked about going to a recent event and told a story about Scott Hall that is somewhat troublesome.

"I'm just sad," The Barber Beefcake said, "because the highlight of the whole night would have been seeing King Kong Bundy wrap his hands around, what's his name?"

"Razor Ramon," Mooney said who continued to describe the venue in which the event took place. "These people didn't have any idea, there were some big names in wrestling. The Warlord was there, Eric Bischoff was there, and of course, Brutus was there."

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"Scotty Norton -- I hadn't seen Scotty Norton in like freakin' years" Beefcake interjected.

Mooney said nobody wanted to spend the money to get autographs so everyone was just sitting there watching mediocre wrestling take place. "So we leave, and after we left Scott Hall -- because he was supposed to be there, he arrived when we were there. He had this big entrance he had disappeared and made his entrance there. And apparently, after we left we missed the best match of all, right?"

"That's right," Brutus said, "it was in a vodka rage and boy, he started messing with the wrong guy, King Kong Bundy and I think things went bad for him."

Apparently, things went down and Bundy ended up with his hands around Hall's throat which is never a good place to be. If this "vodka rage" remark is any indication of Scott Hall's sobriety we really do hope the best for him. He has plenty of people who he can turn to and we can only hope he will take full advantage of that. Stay strong, Razor.

You can check out the audio below, they start telling this story at around the ten-minute mark.

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