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Scott Hall reveals that he knew about his Hall of Fame induction some time ago

Scott Hall was interviewed by Wade Keller on the latest PWTorch livecast. Hall sounded great and revealed that he had known about his induction for a while and it was tough to keep it a secret. Hall said that he did not get to see the video that was played on Raw until the next day.

Hall noted that he is no longer living in Diamond Dallas Page's accountability crib but he lives about 2 blocks away with his son Cody Hall. Keller asked him about possibly having to deal with temptation during WrestleMania weekend. Hall wasn't worried about it and talked about his support group. I think Hall will be ok since he will be around people like Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page.

Hall was on limited time so the show wrapped up a little bit early but Wade was then joined by ex-creative member Chris DeJoseph (aka Big Dick Johnson). DeJoseph was on WWE creative for WrestleMania 21-26. He gave his thoughts and predictions for WrestleMania 30 and 31.

You can listen to the livecast for free at

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