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Scott Hall talks about today’s wrestling product, business growing again, and the WWE Network

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall recently appeared on Another Wrestling Podcast to discuss the state of wrestling today, the WWE Network, and his own cooking show. Here are the highlights.

On if wrestling could get as big as it was in the mid-1990’s again:

"The economy was different then, it was stronger. I think there were less entertainment options. There's so many things now that people can view. There's not just cable TV, there's online. I think that cuts into it," Hall said.

"Overall I think wrestling companies will get bigger. The WWE machine is a lot stronger than it was when I was there. When you go to TV, it's unbelievable the production that's going on. Then they have their Network cameras there filming guys filming guys."

On the WWE Network and having his own cooking show:

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"They're stocking that Network full of shows," Hall said. "I want to do a travel show. I'm working on a cooking show, I'm going to do some of it at Dallas Page's performance center. I'm going to do a cooking show called Dude Food, where I show young guys how to eat good and clean, cheap."

You can listen to the full interview here: