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Scott Steiner gets emotional, Steiner Brothers inducted into WWE Hall Of Fame



It's official...The Steiner Brothers have been inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. They were inducted by Bron Breakker, the son of Rick and nephew of Scott Steiner.

Scott joked that you never know what could happen when he has a live microphone but Rick appeared to calm him down. He started by telling a road story about Randy Savage and three cows. Scott said that he wants everyone to "whip some ass" and have fun because the years go by too fast.

Scott then said that the greatest time of his life was when he married his life and he said she's always right and the greatest thing she gave him was his two boys, his reason for being. Scott seemed to get emotional as he talked about his family.

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Rick had to make his speech quick because his brother spoke beyond the allotted time. Rick wrapped things up by thanking his family, most notably his brother.