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Scotty 2 Hotty on Rikishi joining Too Cool: "I just thought recently, I wonder if that was a rib that backfired."



Scotty 2 Hotty was the guest on this week's "Stories with Briscoe and Bradshaw" where he discussed the creation of The Worm as part of his matches as well as how Rikishi became a part of Too Cool.

Scotty talking about the creation of The Worm as a part of his match:

"I was doing it when Brian and I were still just Too Much, before the Too Cool thing. I would just do it on the entrances and stuff like that. I wouldn't really do it in the match.”

“But then once we became Too Cool, we did a backstage pre-tape for Sunday Night Heat saying that Too Much was no more and now we are Too Cool. The next day, we were in Portland, Maine, of all places, and Brian tore his ACL. So he's out for six months or so,” he said.

“They put me on some house shows in the meantime by myself. I knew I had this new character to work on so I was just throwing sh*t out there. I remember working with Albert and I would lay him out by the ropes and I would just run and hit the other ropes. I grabbed the ropes and put on the brakes and I would just stop down and worm across to him. I was dropping elbows and headbutts and all kinds of different stuff just trying it out. I didn't know what I had, but I knew I was getting a reaction from the audience, just from worming across to him.”

“Then at some point, I just started hopping to get to the other side. That's when I heard Lawler on RAW one night, say 'W-O-R-M', so now I need to make it four hops, and then with each one, ask him to keep doing that on commentary. Sure enough, it just worked. It conditioned the audience over the next month or so and they were spelling it out.”

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“Every little piece of it just kind of fell into place over time. It brought the audience into the match because they got to be the ones that yelled W-O-R-M. It's kind of like everybody's catchphrases. It brought them in and made them part of a part of the show, which was something really big at the time.”

On how Rikishi became part of their act:

"I remember Brian and I came back together after his ACL tear. We came back on Raw in October of '99. We were kind of by ourselves until sometime in December. All I can remember is Michael Hayes saying Jr (Rikishi) is going to come out and save you guys. It was something with the Mean Street Posse, and I think British Bulldog and maybe Val Venus may have been involved. Rikishi is going to come down, make the save, and then we want you guys to do a post match victory dance.”

“I just thought recently, I wonder if that was a rib that backfired. You know, here you have this 400 pound Samoan in a thong. You have Brian and I acting like goofs out there. Then you know, we want you guys to all dance together. It just kind of feels like it could have been a rib that just kind of worked out for us.”

“But whatever it was, man, I don't know. I always say like the three of us at the time were pretty much on the chopping block, and then we got together and it was magic," he continued.

"So if you think about this, they put us together in December. In January was the Royal Rumble where we all danced in the middle of the Rumble and had that crazy moment that people still talk about 22 years later. So we were only together for a month at that point and here we were at Madison Square Garden sold out in the Rumble doing the dance in the middle of the Rumble with everybody on their feet standing up clapping.”

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