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Sean Waltman gives details on the real life fight he and Scott Hall had with The Nasty Boys

Eric Bischoff interviewed Sean Waltman on the latest “83 Weeks” podcast. Bischoff and Conrad Thompson are celebrating 25 years of the NWO so this podcast focuses on Waltman’s days during the NWO/Attitude Era.

Waltman was asked if anybody from WWE called him when he was in WCW to get them in there:

“No. Now that I’m thinking, honestly, when I was in WCW, I was a WCW guy. I talked to the people I worked with. Not that I didn’t miss a lot of the guys I hung out with in WWE, but I was in WCW now. I don’t think I ever talked to Shawn. I talked to Paul a bit.’

Sean Waltman remembering the fight The Nasty Boys got into with Scott Hall while they were in WCW:

“It was at some house show in Louisiana. I was supposed to come out for the finish. For whatever reason, I didn’t come out, whether I wasn’t paying attention or something. My fault. Something happened, and Scott threw a chair. This was a plastic chair. Scott had already got a few people pissed off at him for hitting them with a spray paint can, or a belt, and he busted a couple people open. I think it happened to one of the Nasties, so they were already on edge, maybe. That chair came flying. It didn’t even hit Jerry (Saggs), but Jerry got pissed. I might be wrong. It might have hit him. I don’t know, but it didn’t hurt him. He blew a gasket and he hit Scott a couple times. His face swelled up a bit.

After that was over with, I don’t know if it was a couple nights later, but I got in a fight with Knobbs (Brian Knobbs) at House of Blues right after that.  We were on Bourbon Street and Knobbs had been fu**ing with me since I got there. Finally, I’m like, ‘If he keeps fu**ing with me, I’m going to jack him.’  I didn’t want to because I don’t want to fight people, but man, you can only take so much. We were coming into The House of Blues, Scott is with me, and he’s ahead of me. I’m going, ‘Oh my God’, because all of a sudden, there’s Hulk up on stage playing the bass, and so you know if Hulk’s up there, Knobbs is not far behind. I’m like, ‘Let’s try to sneak in here so I could sneak past without Knobbs seeing me.’

Just as soon as I thought the coast was clear, all of a sudden, I feel someone grab me by the back of the head, and my neck’s already fu**ed up by this point, smacked me, and paint brushed me in the back of the head. I turned around and went ‘boom’, and he went back against the bar. Then Jerry saw me punch Knobbs, and he looked over at me, and punched me in the nose. Scott Norton, I think it was Show, or DDP or someone came to break it up.  I went and wiped my nose off. There was a little bit of blood. I came back out and we buried the whole thing and had a drink. I wasn’t even drinking then, but I had one just to like, bury the hatchet.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff with a h/t to for the transcription

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