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Sean Waltman talks about Renee Young joining WWE Raw commentary team

Former WWE star Sean “X-Pac” Waltman recently took to his podcast, X-Pac 12360, to comment on Renee Young becoming the first woman in history to join Raw’s commentary team.

The professional wrestling world came out in full support of Young’s promotion on social media. Here’s what Waltman had to say on the matter:

“It’s no surprise to me that smart people in the WWE realized this is a really good move,” Waltman said. “It’s not just because [she’s female], yeah part of it is obviously the empowerment of women, but she’s really good at it!

“You don’t want people being put in positions just because they’re a woman. Because I don’t think that does any good for the movement at all. So, you get capable women that are really good at what they do and you give them a shot to do things. And that’s what this is, and it’s great! And I hope she continues to do a great job.”


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