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Seth Rollins admits WWE creative team sometimes miss storyline points



WWE fans are known as a passionate fan base who pay close attention to the storylines that are being presented to them by the company. There are moments where there are holes in some storylines but can be overlooked while there are other times that the holes in those stories are so big that they don’t make sense.

During a recent interview on The Show on Rock 105.3, WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins talked about this problem as well a certain story that involves WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

Lynch has stated in the past that that one of the reasons that she has received such great fan support was due to her story being relatable as she stands for the underdog who had to fight for everything while other stars have been given certain opportunities. Despite this being an easy story to tell, WWE didn’t go with it right away until her recent heel turn on Charlotte Flair at this year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view event. It was the story that Lynch was the bitter friend who had finally snapped. Once Lynch got support from fans, this is when and only when that WWE decided to go with the story that was obvious.

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Rollins gave his opinion on how the WWE creative team missed something that was simple and obvious.

"One thing that we as a company miss sometimes are these storytelling points. It goes over the heads of our writers sometimes, it's just what the story is," said Rollins. "Becky's story is super relatable. When she talks about being in Charlotte Flair's shadow, that's a real story that people see and relate to. It took some time for our team to catch on to what was really going on. We have this weird enmeshment of reality and storytelling that no other entertainment industry has. It's hard to figure that out sometimes. We've got it now. Becky is straight fire. She's the Man."

H/T to Jeremy Lambert of Fightful for the transcript