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Seth Rollins attacks Murphy after winning Steel Cage match on WWE Raw

One of the big matches this week on WWE Monday Night Raw featured a Steel Cage Match between Dominik Mysterio and Seth Rollins. The match was positioned in the final 10 minutes of the second hour to counter the end of the first Monday Night Football game on ESPN as much as possible.

Before the match, Rollins was shown backstage slapping around Murphy and yelling at him to let him know that he was not needed around ringside because he wanted to make sure that Murphy did not screw things up. Murphy defied the orders when he went out to ringside early in the match to help Rollins.

Late in the match, Murphy took out Rey and Dominik just as Dominik was about to escape the cage. Murphy slapped the cage door accidentally on Rollins’ head and that caused an opening for Dominik to hit a frog splash. Rollins won the match after hitting Dominik with two consecutive stomps to the head.

After the match, Rollins rammed Murphy into the barricade and into the steel cage several times.

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