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Seth Rollins calls CM Punk a coward after comments on WWE Backstage

Seth Rollins has responded to CM Punk’s comments from last night’s WWE Backstage show.

As previously noted, Punk was asked for his thoughts on Seth Rollins’ tweet where he said he wanted to fight him. Punk said that WWE Backstage was not the place to shoot an angle and then suggested for Rollins to stay off Twitter.

It doesn’t look like Rollins plans on taking that advice. Check out his response to Punk below.

Earlier in the show, Punk said that he has not spoken with anyone in WWE management and he does not have a relationship with the company so all of this back-and-forth with Rollins is not a set up for a match. However, it’s wrestling so I don’t doubt that there’s a chance that this could turn into something at some point if Punk and people in WWE management can work out their differences. That is a big “IF.”

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