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Seth Rollins changes his mind about football, Big E fights Hurricane Irma

Seth Rollins enjoys more than just pro wrestling. He is also a fan of professional football. The Architect recently attended a Chicago Bears game. Seth tweeted out a picture of his view of the field and he had some amazing seats. During his social media message, he announced how much he loved football.

Of course, three hours later Seth Rollins seemed to change his tune. We’re not sure what happened but it might have had something to do with the fact the Chicago Bears lost to the Atlanta Falcons 17-23.

There’s not a lot you can do when waiting for a Hurricane to pass over. Big E is currently stuck in Florida and dealing with Hurricane Irma’s wrath. Fortunately for Big E, it doesn’t look like he’s getting the worst of the storm right now. But apparently, he’s still pretty bored.

The New Day member recently posted a video of himself doing all he could during a tropical cyclone like Hurricane Irma. He’s fighting it… literally.

If you’re in the danger zone of Hurricane Irma, our hearts go out to you. Stay safe out there, but if you have to fight the storm just do what Big E did and Karate Kid kick it in the head. Big E does have a wicked spin kick.

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