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Seth Rollins explains why he dyed his hair blonde

Former WWE Champion Seth Rollins is one of the biggest stars that the sports entertainment company banner.

To tell Rollins career correctly, you have to start with The Shield, which is a group that will always live in the minds and hearts of the WWE Universe. When the group first made their way onto WWE television, they were an instant hit with the fans.

Part of his look while in The Shield was having a mix of blonde and black hair. In a WWE Then and Now feature, Rollins reflected on his FCW/NXT career as well as his ring gear and appearance. This is where he explained the reason for having blonde in his hair.

“It’s funny the question I get more than anything is ‘When are you gonna bring the blonde streak back?’ Because at the time there were so many guys in FCW who had long dark hair and beards. So I wanted to do something to stand out. What’s it gonna hurt to color half my hair and see what happens? And it worked.”

You can watch the clip by clicking on the player below:


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