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Seth Rollins: "I don't get the respect I deserve because there's this new flavor of ice cream"



Seth Rollins has been taking heat from fans who think he doesn't come across as "cool." He showed some more fire this week on Raw before he went out to the ring to beat Erick Rowan. However, fans booed him when he talked about burning down Bray Wyatt's Firefly Fun House so there is still work to do if Rollins hopes to gain favor with the fans that have turned on him.

After the show, Rollins said he hasn't been taking kindly to the disrespect he's been getting. In his post-show interview, Rollins said, "there's been a lot of disrespect going around lately, I feel like."

He continued, "I get it. He's cool man. He's fresh and he's new and he's got this cult following and that just puts a chip on my shoulder." He added, "I just feel like I'm out here every single week, busting my back, breaking my back, putting the whole company on my back sometimes and I don't get the respect I deserve because there's this new flavor of ice cream. The dude's scary, I get that too. I don't know what it's gonna take at Crown Jewel to put him away but I'm gonna do whatever takes to survive and prevail…"

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The fans in Saudi Arabia may be more forgiving if he beats Wyatt but the reaction on social media won't be so nice. It will be interesting to see what the finish will be for Rollins vs. Wyatt on Thursday.

If WWE plans on sticking to what they said about the brand split and the end of the Wild Card rule, then the match between Rollins and Wyatt at Crown Jewel should signify the end of their feud.

Click below to see Rollins' post-Raw interview: