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Ariel Helwani recently interviewed Seth Rollins for BT Sport. Rollins talked about The Shield, Jon Moxley, his relationship with Roman Rollins, his feud with Cody Rhodes, and several other topics. 

Seth Rollins explained why he has a chip on his shoulder:

“I just feel like I never, in some ways, I’ve never gotten my just due. I’ve never been The Guy. I’ve never been the one on the marquee at WrestleMania. It was John. It was Roman. In some regards when I was at Ring of Honor, it was Nigel or it was Bryan and I was always the guy like on the come up or on the underneath. I was kind of the second or the next big thing type. That always eats at me. It eats at me so much. I don’t know where that competitive spark comes from, but it drives me insane, and the thing is, if I was that guy, I don’t know if it would just go away. I would always find some way to put the chip there.”

On his relationship with Jon Moxley now that he is in AEW:

“I don’t talk to him as much obviously, opposite schedules and stuff, but our baby girls are close to the same age. He’s not much of a texter. He’s an in-person cat. When we were in Cincinnati last time I was there, I popped in the house and said hi and all of that and checked in on him. I’m close with Renee so we're always exchanging baby pictures and what’s new with the kids and all of that stuff. Never any animosity. He’s great. He’s at the top of his game doing his thing over in AEW.”

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On losing three times to Cody Rhodes:

“I think it was pretty obvious to me which way this was going to lean. It didn’t stop me from being a little frustrated, again feeling like I was being used to kind of catapult somebody else into a position I felt like I deserved, so that was kind of demoralizing. But again, that’s just more of a chip on my shoulder so by the time that we got to WrestleMania, I was ready to have the match of the night.”

“At the end of the day, in retrospect, I definitely think I came out of it a lot better than I went into it. I don’t think in any way that I suffered from losing three times in a row. I think if anything, in some ways I got more respect for having the humility to put my own self-interest aside to work with someone who needed to come back into this world from his past world, he needed it a lot more than I did. My equity is not going anywhere and he needed to re-establish himself and he fought tooth and nail through one of the most horrific looking injuries you’ll ever see in your life to get himself into a position where now he’s set. He’s a made-man hopefully when he comes back from his peck injury.”

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If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit Ariel Helwani on BT Sport with a h/t to for the transcription.