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Seth Rollins not happy about Jon Moxley’s comments about WWE

Seth Rollins was interviewed on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast and, among many things, he addressed Jon Moxley’s comments on Chris Jericho’s podcast where Moxley talked about his unhappiness with the creative and how others in the company are counting down the days until they leave.

In response to what Moxley said on the podcast, Rollins said, “Ambrose can do what he wants. He’s a big boy. He’s got his big boy pants on, he can go out there and say whatever he wants, but the bottom line is not everyone is equipped to handle the riggers of the WWE and the schedule and how it affects you mentally and emotionally. Ambrose gave everything he had to the company for the entire time he was here. He put his heart and soul into the travel and the schedule and the injuries and the work in the ring and all that stuff, but at the end of the day, he took his ball and he went home or he went elsewhere, at least.”

He continued, “I think it’s a little presumptuous of him to get on a podcast and talk down about the company that gave him such opportunities, and he referenced some of those, he did talk about how he was thankful for the time he spent here and the fact that he was able to learn, meet his wife and all that good stuff. Like I said, I love the guy. I love him, I’ll always love him, but at the end of the day, we share differing perspectives about what we want out of life and where we’re at in our own lives.”

Rollins said he wishes Moxley well but he doesn’t think there’s any reason for him to hop on his “soapbox” and complain after the fact.

When asked if he’s talked to Moxley about his comments on Jericho’s podcast, Rollins said he hasn’t. He added, “Like I said, he’s grown man. He’s got his big boy pants on. He can do whatever he wants do. He can say whatever he wants to say. He filled his contractual obligations here and there’s nothing but mutual love and respect for him. He’s one of my favorite people in the entire word.”

Rollins also said that he’s been very vocal on Twitter lately because he is tired of reading comments that bash the company he loves. Rollins said he is very proud of what he does and what the crew in WWE does.

Rollins said, “The fact that people wanna sit on their little soapboxes and their little stupid social media machines and talk down about it really speaks volumes about the generation and where they’re at and so I figured if somebody’s is gonna fight back, it might as well be me since I’m the champ and I consider myself the top guy in our company.”

You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the player below:


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