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Seth Rollins on Brock Lesnar’s WWE Universal Title reign: “He devalued the title”

WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins continues to talk about Brock Lesnar despite the fact that their feud is over on WWE television.

Rollins beat Lesnar to win the title at WrestleMania 35. In the lead up to this contest, which happened to take place as the opening match on the main card of the pay-per-view event that aired on WWE’s streaming service, Rollins made several interesting comments about “The Beast.”

While doing a recent international media call earlier this week, Rollins brought up Lesnar once again and talked about his belief that Lesnar devalued the strap. Despite his feelings, he is open to giving Lesnar a rematch for it when the day comes.

“My most immediate goal is to just be kind of a champion of the people,” Rollins said (H/T to Express Sport). “With Brock Lesnar carrying the title the way he did over the past couple of years, sort of only defending it when the time is right – in my opinion he devalued the title.

“I think he thought that he could make it more prestigious but to me having the title on the show every week and being a champion that defends the title on a regular basis only makes the title and its legacy grow.”


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