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Seth Rollins on Dean Ambrose turning heel on the same Raw Roman Reigns announced his leukemia battle

This past October, Roman Reigns opened up Monday Night Raw by relinquishing the WWE Universal Title. Reigns announced he has been rediagnosed with leukemia, a disease he has already beaten earlier in his life. As he exited the ring, his fellow Shield brothers Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins met him on the ramp and they embraced to close the segment.

Later on in the show, Ambrose and Rollins won the Raw Tag Team Championships. However, after the match, Ambrose turned heel and attacked Rollins, sparking a feud between the pair. Recently, Rollins did an interview with Rock 105.3 in San Diego to promote this week’s episode of Raw.

He offered his thoughts on Ambrose turning heel just after Reigns made his heartbreaking announcement:

“You know, it’s one of those things, where obviously the situation with Roman is real life, and very unfortunate. But at the end of the day, I understand why Ambrose did what he did on that night, in the sense that Roman was going to be gone. There was no if, and or buts that he was going to be gone.

“And so if you’re going to strike out on your own, you’re going to try and make a name for yourself, I understand to a point, doing it on that night. You’re going to make the biggest impact you can make, and if that’s your goal, if you’re saying your story is that The Shield has made you weak, and you kind of want to step out of the light so to speak, out of the shadows, that’s going to be the best time to do it.

“You’re going to have the most eyes on you that night, that moment, and you’re going to get the most people talking about it. It sucked, especially for Shield fans, and it was an emotional roller coaster of a night, going from the announcement that Roman made earlier in the night, to me and Ambrose winning the Tag Team Titles later in the night by defeating Ziggler and McIntyre, and then Ambrose doing what he did.

“It was a lot to take in, if you’re a viewer and you’re a fan, but you’re never going to forget where you were that night, if you were watching on TV or if you were live, you’re never going to forget that, and really that’s what we do, is we create moments that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life, good or bad.”

H/T IWNerd for the transcriptions

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