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Seth Rollins has reflected on the incident with Elisah Spencer, who jumped the top WWE star in November 2021 during WWE Monday Night Raw at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Spencer claimed that he was looking to settle a beef dating back to 2019 that appears to be a catfishing scam started by someone posing as Rollins. Spencer bought $3,000 in cards. He also claims he was talking with Rollins through accounts under his ring name and his real name, Colby Lopez. He was blocked on social media by Rollins’ wife, Becky Lynch.

While speaking with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, Seth was asked about the altercation.

“It was so fast. I didn’t really have time to process it. The only thought I remember having is when he was on top of me, and kinda they were already pulling him away. He had like a handful of my hair, and I was just trying to kind of punt him off me with whatever foot I had underneath him.

My instinct was to grab his head immediately to control his head. I have no Jiu Jitsu training at all, so whether I did anything right or wrong is completely instinctive. But yeah, my instinct was as soon as I knew that someone was upon me was just to control his head as best I could. If he couldn’t posture up, then he probably wasn’t going to get anything done.

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I was hoping that he didn’t have any weaponry in his hands, which, thankfully, he did not. It happened so fast, he was on me quickly, he’s a little bowling ball of a man, and I just remember thinking ‘what is happening?’ when he’s underneath me and then getting him off me, and you know, who is this person? I got to look at him, and it was like, alright, be done with it. They’ve got it under control, so let’s just move along. It was so weird, man.”

Rollins noted that it's common for people to be running around on stage to do various things, whether that be pyro or move wires, so he didn’t think of anything when the guy was running around.

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