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Seth Rollins returns to attack Triple H on WWE Monday Night Raw



As seen at the start of this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, Stephanie McMahon asked Mick Foley to fire one person from Raw. That decision had to be made by the end of the show and Foley decided that Stephanie McMahon should be the one fired. McMahon said that he doesn't have the power to fire her because she is the only one that deserves to go because of the way she treats the superstars. Foley cut a really good promo on her before being interrupted by Triple H's music.

Hunter made his way to the ring and dared Foley to say what he has to say to him to his face. Hunter said that he has worked so hard at creating the future so he doesn't have to look at "pathetic has-beens" like Foley and it was Stephanie's heart that brought Foley back as GM. Foley said that, unlike the Raw roster, he doesn't need to pretend to like Triple H and he doesn't need Hunter and Stephanie. Hunter then brought up Mick's kids. He mentioned that Dewey Foley works at the WWE headquarters and Noelle dreams of being a WWE Superstar and he sarcastically said that he is sure that their father will forgive them for ruining their lives. Hunter yelled at Mick to get the hell out of his ring and be happy that he has a job but Foley had second thoughts. Foley went in the corner of the ring and pulled out Mr. Socko and stuffed it down Triple H's throat. Stephanie snuck up behind Foley and nailed him with a low blow. Before Triple H could get his hands on Foley, Seth Rollins came out using a crutch. As he got to ringside, he dropped the crutch and revealed that his leg is fine. He still had a knee brace on but he was able to run in the ring and attack Triple H. Triple H was able to turn things around and hit Rollins with the crutch several times on the bad knee. The show closed with the referees checking on Rollins.

They stretched out the "firing" angle until the end of the show so they could keep viewers tuned in and hopefully get a bump for the third hour. Typically, the third hour is the lowest rated hour each week so this helps them this week. We'll find out when the ratings come out. FYI, nobody was fired but it's strongly teased that Foley will be done soon. There was talk since late December that he would be leaving because he needs to get hip replacement surgery and is having a tough time traveling to the shows each week.

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