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Seth Rollins reveals huge WrestleMania dream match

Seth Rollins is a fan favorite and currently holding the Raw Tag Team Championships alongside his former Shield brethren Dean Ambrose. Seth has taken part in a ton of amazing memories in his career so far, but he still has goals for his career and none of them are small potatoes.

The Architect recently appeared on Baby Huey & Bimbo Jimbo during an interview with 107.7 The Bone and talked about one guy he’d like to square off against at the Show Of Shows before his time in the ring is done.

“Shawn Michaels…he’s always my answer just because he’s my favorite wrestler ever, and I think he’s just the best. I’d love to go out there and tear it up with him at Wrestlemania, you know they don’t call him Mr. Wrestlemania for no reason. The guy is just incredible at what he does, and obviously, I could learn a lot being in the ring with him, but it would just be fantastic to get out there, and have a match with him.”

While it might be a stretch to see HBK vs Rollins at a WrestleMania, Seth still has plenty of amazing WrestleMania memories. He went into a little more depth to discuss how special the closing moments of WrestleMania 31 were for him and his career.

“You can’t really put a moment like that into words. When you’re a kid…you dream of throwing a last second touchdown pass to win the game or bottom of the 9th in Game 7 of the World Series, and in our industry that’s exactly what that was. There probably will never be another opportunity to create a moment like that ever again. It will go down in Wrestlemania folklore and history forever and be replayed until we don’t do replays anymore. For me, you can’t put into words how much that means, and how much that does for me personally. Definitely a fulfillment of a lifelong dream.”

Rollins was likable even when he was a disgusting heel as the Face Of The Authority. Now that he’s a babyface and people are allowed to cheer for him there doesn’t seem to be much standing in his way at this point. Fans might never see Rollins lock up with Shawn Michaels because the Heartbreak Kid is very much retired from in-ring competition. But never say never in the crazy and fantastic world of pro wrestling.

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