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Seth Rollins reveals text messages between Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy

Jerry “The King” Lawler welcomed Rey Mysterio and his family this week in the King’s Court on WWE Monday Night Raw. Before this segment, Seth Rollins was shown in a backstage segment with Murphy. As Murphy walked off, Rollins noticed that Murphy left his cellphone behind with it being implied that Murphy was texting with Aalyah Mysterio.

Aalyah said that it was Murphy who sat next to her last week and the people who surround themselves around Rollins need to evaluate their life choices because he is a fraud.

Rollins appeared on the big screen and said that the truth is that one person in the Mysterio family is not being 100 percent honest and the truth is that Aalyah might not be telling the truth about her feelings for Murphy. Aalyah told Rey that Murphy is not like Seth and once again, she walked off to the back while her family called out for her.

The camera showed that Murphy was upset with Rollins for what he just did. Murphy grabbed Rollins by the collar but Dominik appeared out of nowhere to attack Murphy as referees appeared to break them up.

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