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Seth Rollins says he did not speak at WWE talent meeting before Raw

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is firing back at Dave Meltzer after it was reported that he gave a speech at the WWE talent meeting that took place before Monday Night Raw to address the rumors surrounding the travel delay in Saudi Arabia after Thursday's Crown Jewel show.

Rollins says he did not give a speech and he did not say anything before, after or during the meeting.

Rollins' statement contradicts what was reported by more than one source. The news about the talent meeting first surfaced in a Reddit post by Reddit user ToyStorySix, who has been credited for breaking stories in the past.

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Meltzer wrote about the talent meeting hours after the Reddit post. So, either two people were fed bad information or someone is not telling the truth.

Rollins' tweet: "No Dave, my problem is that you’re spreading complete lies. I gave no speech. I said nothing before, during or after the meeting. So either you or your source is full of it. Either way, it’s a bold faced lie and I kindly ask you to quit pushing it."

UPDATE: Dave Meltzer tweeted back at Rollins