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Seth Rollins says he will issue an apology on WWE Monday Night Raw

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has announced that he will be issuing an apology to the WWE Raw roster on Monday night.

Rollins says he came to this conclusion after doing some soul searching. Last week on Raw, Rollins talked down to the Raw locker room after Raw's poor performance at the Survivor Series pay-per-view. At the end of the show, Rollins wrestled Kevin Owens but there was no ending to the match because of an attack from AOP. Fans were left wondering if Rollins had turned heel and if he was aligned with AOP since he was not attacked by them.

Obviously, the tweet below is just part of the angle. As noted earlier this week, this new direction for Rollins was his idea and was not something that was planned weeks or months ago. The "Rah Rah" speech he gave on Monday appeared to be a take on the reports that he gave an awkward speech a few weeks ago to the locker room in regards to the Saudi Arabia travel issues. It turned out that Rollins never gave a speech as the initial story was incorrect but this latest storyline is playing off some of the heat he has on social media.

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Rollins' tweet is below.