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The Shield (Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Jon Moxley) were one of the most dominant factions in WWE history as they all came from NXT and made an immediate impact on the main roster.

After Rollins turned on the group in 2014, they all went on to be top WWE stars. They officially split once Moxley left WWE and joined AEW in 2019. Rollins called back to his Shield days at the Royal Rumble earlier this year for his title match against Reigns.

While speaking with Stephanie Chase of Digital Spy, Rollins noted that he doesn't see a reunion on the horizon because they’re all top stars and can be on their own. It won’t happen as long as Moxley is still in All Elite Wrestling.

"I can say that, and maybe this might come back to bite me at some point, but I just don't think you're ever going to see the three of us team up ever again. It wouldn't look the way you want it to look. It wouldn't be like the old days in The Shield, it would be a different animal. I think we're all just too big stars with too big personalities at this point. We needed each other back then, and now none of us need the other one. We’re at a point where we're all standalone stars on a different level. So to have to kind of minimize that to fit into each other's molds, I just don't see it ever happening again. I think it would look a whole lot different than the next time you see us together. The next time you see us together, it's going to be when we're inducted into the Hall of Fame. That's going to be it."

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Moxley is currently the Interim AEW World Heavyweight Champion, and Reigns is the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

At SummerSlam, Reigns will defend his title against Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing Match, while Rollins will wrestle Riddle in a singles match.