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Seth Rollins to Conor McGregor: "come step into our ring and see what you got"



Seth Rollins was on ESPN SportsCenter on Friday morning to promote Sunday's SummerSlam. He was also asked about Conor McGregor's recent comments about the WWE roster. Rollins said, "Sounds to me like Conor's taking a page out of our game and trying to sell a couple of extra pay-per-views [for UFC 202] before Saturday. It's just Conor being Conor. He's doing his thing. If he was serious about it - the guy is 5'6, 145 [lbs] or whatever he walks around at. I'm a full sized human being so if he wants to come around and try to slap the face off me or whatever insult he's got for the day, by all means, come step into our ring and see what you got."

Rollins said that McGregor would make a fantastic cruiserweight but if he wanted to step in the ring with a heavyweight then he'd have to eat more pizzas and drink a few gallons of milk.

Rollins was on the show to hype SummerSlam and his match with Finn Balor. You can check out the clip featuring his comments on Conor McGregor in the video below:

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