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Seth Rollins: you’re seeing the true Roman Reigns right now

Seth Rollins made an appearance on today’s episode of WWE’s The Bump to discuss a wide range of topics including Roman Reigns.

Obviously, Rollins has gotten to know Reigns both inside of the ring and outside of it. Along with their history in The Shield, the two are good friends and have shared the ring as partners and competitors.

Since Reigns made his return to WWE TV in August at SummerSlam after being on hiatus, Reigns has been portrayed as a heel and paired with Paul Heyman. Most would agree that WWE stopped forcing him to be a babyface and let him be more of himself with the volume turned up.

Rollins would agree with that belief and thinks fans are seeing the true Roman Reigns character.

“Well, look, for anyone who’s known Roman Reigns for as long as I have, you’re going to know that this isn’t new. Roman had to struggle for a long time to kind of closet this side of him. He is an alpha and he sees himself in this light and in this way. I think he’s kind of just got a different lease on the situation and you’re seeing the true Roman Reigns right now.

Obviously, physically, he took his time off seriously and he’s in the best shape that he’s ever been in and his in-ring performances have followed suit. I say kudos to Roman Reigns for finally taking the bull by the horns instead of riding the bull. To me, I’m all about it, I’m happy to see his success anywhere he goes and whatever he does.”


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