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Several allegations made against various people involved in the wrestling business

Following the allegations of rape levied against David Starr (he has denied the rape allegations), there has been a flood of allegations levied against other people involved in the wrestling business.

The allegations that came out today involve people in the UK wrestling scene, for the most part, and a few people in the United States wrestling scene.

The allegations vary from allegations to grooming for sexual favors, verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual assault and unwanted sexual advances.

Reddit user BlearyLine7 has complied a post with links to individual threads and tweets regarding allegations made in the last 24 hours about various people in the wrestling business. That thread is being regularly updated and can be seen at this link.

Although it’s impossible to verify every allegation being made, it is clear that there is a problem in the wrestling industry, especially with how some people in the business attempt to use their fame and power to manipulate others.

As noted earlier, WWE issued a statement regarding the assault allegations against Jordan Devlin. You can click here to read WWE’s statement.

I should note that these are allegations and in most cases, we have not heard from those who have been accused. Needless to say, today has been a huge eye opener for many in the business and it is clear that change needs to happen.


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