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Several legends scheduled to appear at WWE Money In The Bank



Several wrestling legends will be in attendance for Sunday's Money In The Bank pay-per-view in St. Louis. Part of the story of the main event is that Randy Orton will be looking to recapture the WWE Championship in his hometown.

Orton's father Bob Orton, Jr. will be there alongside Ric Flair, Baron Von Raschke, Greg Gagne and Larry Hennig. All of them (except Hennig) have some ties to St. Louis wrestling but Orton and Von Raschke are the biggest St. Louis stars out of that group. Bob Orton, Jr's name was mentioned on Smackdown Live this week. I guess that is what led someone to create a false Wikipedia entry on him claiming that he had passed away. The fake story spread so much on social media that his son Randy had to shoot the rumors down and Bob did an interview with Bill Apter to let fans know that he is alive and well.

There are several other names that have been mentioned as a possibility for Sunday including Gerald Brisco, Rocky Johnson, and Ted DiBiase. Those names are not confirmed and it's not clear what WWE has planned for the legends segment. Former St. Lous wrestling announcer (1971-1983) Larry Matysik was contacted about appearing but Vince McMahon pulled him. The reason given was that Matysik's disability would not allow him in the building because the fire code prevents anyone in the building with a power wheelchair. That sounds like an odd reason and doesn't make sense, especially with newer arenas, so there could be a different reason. If the idea is to have a heel bully the legends then it would look bad to do that to someone in a wheelchair so, perhaps, that could be the real reason why his invitation was rescinded.

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I don't know what they have planned but my guess is that they will book something for Jinder Mahal that leads to him getting in Bob Orton Jr's face to put some heat on his program with Randy. WWE tradition (there have been some exceptions) is to have wrestlers lose in their hometown.

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