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Several people in WWE are pushing for Chad Gable to get more opportunities on SmackDown

Back in August, first reported that there was talk in WWE about having Chad Gable drop the “Shorty G” gimmick.

He is now back to being called Chad Gable and despite the fact that creative did not have anything for him last week, we are told that there are people in creative still pushing for him.

We were told by someone close to the creative process that there is optimism because Vince McMahon genuinely sees Gable as a tough guy and he admires what he accomplished before pro wrestling. The reason why he had the “Shorty G” gimmick in the first place was to help him…at least, that is how Vince McMahon felt when he gave him the gimmick.

It was noted to us that McMahon had Kurt Angle doing comedy early in his run because he felt that something was missing with him and that is the same reason why Gable was given the “Shorty G” gimmick last year.

Gable’s size may prevent him from reaching the same heights as Angle did in WWE but we are told that there are several people pushing ideas for him and one of the notable names who has been pushing for Gable continues to be Daniel Bryan.

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