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Several promotions interested in signing Alberto Del Rio



Alberto Del Rio's time in WWE may be coming to an end but he has tons of options once he is free from his contract later this month. Despite Del Rio leaving AAA last year without losing the title and talking publicly about disorganization with them and keeping his WWE signing a secret from them, there is said to be serious interest in bringing him back. Del Rio was a big draw for AAA but there are questions about AAA's financial situation. A lot has changed in the past year and it remains to be seen if they are willing to present an offer that he would be happy with.

Also, although they might deny it publicly, Lucha Underground is interested and there are talks going on between them and people affiliated with Del Rio regarding bringing him back for the next season of tapings. The problem with Lucha Underground is that they need more sources of revenue. They next season will start airing soon on El Rey but they haven't announced any new TV deals that would bring in significant money. That is a problem when you are spending so much to produce each show. They would have to spend a significant amount to get Del Rio.

TNA also wants to sign him and there have been promises made to make him a top guy. They actually wanted him last year before he made the decision to return to WWE. Back in June, while doing media work for WWE, he told The Indian Express, "If somebody wants to have me in their organization, they have to pay me, and there is no other place like WWE, which is a major league of progress and growth. TNA does not have the wherewithal as WWE does." TNA is not in the best financial shape but perhaps Billy Corgan feels that he is worth the money.

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There is also interest from New Japan Pro Wrestling and the Glory kickboxing promotion but, at this stage of his life, it's unlikely that he'll want to work the Japan style or do any form of combat fighting.

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