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Pennsylvania's The Daily Item has an interview up with WWE Legend Headshrinker Samu ahead of this coming Monday's Raw XXX (30th anniversary) show in Philadelphia.

The story confirms that both Samu and Fatu (aka Rikishi) will be part of The Bloodline's Acknowledgment Ceremony. WWE announced last night on Raw that the elders will be attending to acknowledge The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns

"I want to thank the WWE for everything they have done for myself and my family," Anoa'i said. "I look forward to next week when I can see a lot of familiar faces and be reunited with a lot of my family members."

Samu is the son of WWE Hall Of Famer Afa The Wild Samoan and nephew of Wild Samoan Sika. PWInsider has confirmed that Afa and Sika will be at Raw this Monday. Of course, as most fans know, Sika is Roman Reigns' father. 

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Fans may be wondering if this means that The Rock will show up as well. We'll see if that happens. The only thing we know is that WWE wants Rock vs. Roman for WrestleMania so if The Rock's schedule is clear, then we may see the start of the build for that match soon...perhaps, as soon as this coming Monday night.